Hello Again

Hello again! It has been a while since I posted my last article. I just wanted to say hi, I am still alive and at the moment very committed with my daily life which is packed with lots of work… Coming home was nice but I already miss to travel and hope to be back on the road again soon, although my next trips won’t be that long as they were before. Would love to visit Indonesia, Brazil, Mongolia and discover Latin America. I love snow and skiing, but to be honest I miss sun and heat, which you barely find at the moment in Switzerland. I miss wearing my flip flops and feeling the light summer breeze… Enjoying a yummy Pad Thai with a Leo, watching cute, little monkeys. Climbing up a mountain, going through different vegetations, feeling the lungs and being proud of making it to the top. Living on a shoestring, having all belongings in the backpack, appreciating the small things, not thinking about what to shop, to cook or to wear but thinking about where to go next…
Since I’m back home I have the feeling that time is running so fast, maybe at some point just too fast…

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  1. Follow your heart and deep desires
    You will always be warm and shine like fire

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