Three Months On The Road – Some Thoughts

I am almost done with my three months backpacking trip where I traveled in Europe, Africa and Asia. I spent most of my time in Asia, nearly 10 days on Zanzibar, same time in Marocco and with my lovely sister I went to Sardinia.
If people ask me where was the most beautiful place for me on this trip, I have several answers. Of course a not so charming place can be wonderful when you are with awesome people.
Well, I really liked the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco with my climbing adventure to the summit of the highest mountain of North Africa, of course the heaven-like beaches of Zanzibar, the east coast of Sri Lanka was beautiful (esp. the beaches Passekudah and Kalkudah), then I have very nice memories of Pai which lays peacefully in the green hills of northern Thailand, near Chiang Mai.
The Mekong area in Lao was nice, too.
I also liked Vietnam, but unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit the stunning little mountain city Dalat.
In Cambodia the highlight were the temples of Angkor, which are absolutely amazing.
I know there is still so much to see in this world, life is short and I want the maximum out of it.
As I already wrote in a previous article, much more important than material things for me are great experiences, gained from all over the world including friendly and respectful human interaction. This is what makes me happy.


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